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About Passat

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Passat Ltd. manufactures the highest peak power DPSS UV lasers in the world!


Since 1995, Passat specializes in the manufacture of compact turnkey nano and picosecond diode-pumped solid-state lasers and related nonlinear optical components. Using innovative designs that exploit solid-state phase conjugation, pulse compression and frequency conversion, Passat makes diode-pumped solid state lasers with harmonics generators and Raman shifters that cover the spectrum range from eye-safe (1.6 µm) to UV (213 nm, 266 nm, 355 nm).

Passat’s UV picosecond lasers enjoy the highest UV peak power among any DPSS lasers. They are intended for processing crystals, diamonds, glass, metals, ceramics, plastics and resins. As well as for a photo-mask repair, patterning of organic materials for PV solar batteries. Other applications for these lasers include remote sensing, precise ranging and high resolution 3D imaging.

Passat sub-nanosecond lasers are ideally suited for MALDI mass spectrometer applications. One of Passat’s lasers (1 mJ , 100 Hz, 1064 nm) was included into the Phoenix Martian Mission. This program has successfully completed (see Certificate of Recognition below) and some of the mission results are published in the article J. A.Whiteway, et. al “Mars Water-Ice Clouds and Precipitation”, Science, v.325, 3 July 2009.

Passat is also a worldwide leader in manufacturing large-aperture Faraday Rotators and Isolators.


Canadian Spance Agency Certificate of Recognition

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