Passat Diode-Pumped Solid State Lasers


Laser Applications

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Passat’s UV high energy picosecond lasers are used and proposed to be used in many applications. The most important among them are the following:

  • Photo-mask fabrication and repair, ablation lithography.
  • Cutting and drilling thick layers of different materials, especially diamond (jewelery, dies fabrication) ceramics substrates, glass and crystals for mini-lasers.
  • Flat panel, OLED and liquid crystal display processing, PV organic solar cell thin-film patterning with high (up to 50-nm) resolution.
  • Ultrahigh density 3D storage technology, transparent material modification and hologram recording.
  • Precise machining via micro- and nanoimaging, marking, selective surface cleaning.
  • Thin-film deposition.
  • Non-coherent and coherent EUV emitting sources.
  • High accuracy global and local positioning systems, high accuracy navigation.
  • Precise eye-safe ranging, terrain profiling and 3D mapping of urban areas, security zone monitoring.
  • 3D imaging, fast landing and docking, vehicle collision protection.
  • Photo-ionization, LIBS , single and double photon laser induced fluorescence, time resolved spectroscopy.
  • Remote sensing of low concentration admixtures especially for distant detection of explosives and nuclear materials traces.
  • Turbine blades manufacturing
  • Medical applications (stents manufacturing, dermatology, removal the plaques from arteries, etc.)
  • Inspection, flow measurement.
  • Basic research including Raman and CARS spectroscopies, OPO pumping, white light excitation, SRS and self-focusing in air, demonstrations of non-linear optical effects to students.