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Deep UV lasers for Raman Spectroscopy

The deep UV laser is suitable for life science industries (biophysics, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering) as a stable laser source for Raman spectroscopy The main advantages of the 213nm laser for Raman Spectrometry: · Increased sensitivity can result from UV excitation, since even non-resonance Raman scattering efficiency is proportional to λ-4, where λ is the laser [...][...]

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Introducing New 10 kHz DPSS Laser Model

Compiler HPRR model The brand new High Pulse Repetition Rate picoseconds DPSS Laser Compiler HPRR is a 10-kHz picosecond laser. This is the most advanced version among the Compiler family lasers. This model could be used for many applications, especially for wafer cutting, micro- and nano machining, semiconductors scribing, remote sensing. See details here…[...]

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High peak power picosecond DPSS laser beam at 1064 nm causes Second Harmonics Generation in crystal quartz (video).

In the video below you can see how a high power laser beam (around 50MW), emitted by Passat’s picosecond DPSS laser at 1064 nm, caused rather strong excitation of green light in a quartz crystal. A similar phenomenon of frequency doubling in crystal quartz was discovered for the first time in 1961 using a ruby laser. For 1064 nm, [...][...]

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Coming soon in early 2016 – The Showroom! The place where you will be able to test your samples with our latest laser technology! Don’t forget to subscribe to our updates letter![...]

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New Year starts with the new Website!

Dear visitors, We welcomes you at the pages of our upgraded website Passat Ltd. We tried to make it more visitor and mobile friendly! Also we added couple of new information sections, where you will be able to see and subscribe to the latest news and updates of the products from our company. Happy New Year [...][...]

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