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Faraday Rotators

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Faraday Rotators Isolators

Passat manufactures a range of Faraday rotators/isolators distinctive for their compact size, low price, high transparency, and high extinction (35-40 dB). These characteristics result from careful control of the uniformity of the magnetic field.


We have developed over 500 different models of Faraday rotators/ isolators. Any of our models can be modified free of charge to meet the specific needs of customer’s application.

Our standard models (pictured above) operate at 1064 nm. They are able to operate at average power levels of up to 20 W for the Tb-glass models and 50 W for the TGG crystal models. For 1 ns pulses, the damage threshold can be as high as 5-7 GW/cm2. These models are suitable for both CW and pulsed applications. The specifications for selected models are listed in the table below.

Faraday Rotator High Power

At higher powers the extinction drops dramatically due to heating of the rod. As the applications for more powerful lasers expand, this becomes a serious limitation.

To fill the gap, Passat has developed a unique new family of cooled Faraday rotators specially designed for integration into high-power laser systems (up to 1 kW), see picture at the left. Specifications are available on request.

Faraday Rotator/ Isolator Large Aperture

In addition we can offer relatively inexpensive rotators and isolators operating at any given wavelength within the 213-1400 nm range with clear apertures of up to 100 mm, as pictured to the right.

We can also offer rotators based on super-resistive Ce-doped glasses for high-power applications. These glasses can operate with intensities up to 20 GW/cm2. Specifications for custom-built and broadband rotators and isolators are available upon request.







Clear aperture

6 mm

10 mm

20 mm

65 mm

94 mm

Operative wavelength

1064±10 nm

1064±10 nm

1064±10 nm

1053±10 nm

1053±1 nm


≥ 35 dB

≥ 35 dB

≥ 35 dB

≥ 35 dB

>27 dB


≥ 98%

≥ 97%

≥ 97%

≥ 97%

≥ 97%

Magneto-optical material

TGG crystal

TGG crystal

TGG crystal

Tb-doped glass

Tb-doped glass


ø 45 mm x 42 mm

ø 55 mm x 80 mm

ø 98 mm x 135 mm

ø 170mm x 300mm

215x225x280 mm3

All specifications are subject to change without notice