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Compiler High Pulse Repetition Rate Picosecond DPSS Lasers

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Compiler HPRR model

The brand new High Pulse Repetition Rate picoseconds DPSS Laser

Compiler HPRR is a 14-kHz picosecond laser. This is the most advanced version among the Compiler family lasers. No fiber coupling. This model could be used for many applications, especially for wafer cutting, micro- and nano machining, semiconductors scribing, remote sensing.



  • Pulse width 8 picoseconds,
  • Energy >65 µJ /pulse at 1064nm, 15 µJ /pulse at 355 nm, 10 µJ / pulse at 266 nm
  • Pulse repetition rate 14 kHz,
  • Beam quality TEM00 mode
  • Air cooled
  • External triggering or computer controlled, including burst mode
  • Custom upgrade to 100 µJ at 1064 nm, 20 kHz


  • Micromachining (wafers, solar panels, glass and metals processing with precision accuracy of several micrometers)
  • Photo-mask making and repairing
  • UV and time-resolved spectrometry, Single and double photon LIF
  • Distant and remote sensing
  • Laser ablation, fragmentation and destruction
  • Medical and biomedical research

Compiler HPRR specifications*


Wavelength 1064 nm 532 nm 355 nm (optional) 266 nm (optional)
Energy output (at 14 kHz) >65 µJ 35 µJ 15 µJ 10 µJ
Pulse width (at 1064 nm) 8 ps 7 ps 6 ps 5 ps
Repetition rate 14 kHz, Internal/external triggering
Q-switch Passive
Beam quality Diffraction limited
Beam profile TEMoo   Gaussian
Pulse-to-pulse standard deviation 3% @1064 nm optional upon request
Output beam pointing stability (std dev, 1 hour) ~0.5 Diffraction limit
External control Connector for TTL trigger input port  (4 +/-1V, 1 kΩ)
Electrical power ~ 100-240VAC, 47-63 Hz, single phase
Power consumption <300 W
Warm-up time Less than 5 minutes
Operating temperature and humidity 18-25 oC; 10-85 %

* Request Compiler HPRR Upgrade for a more powerful output

Delivery set

  • Laser
  • Power unit
  • Signal cable
  • Power cord
  • CD with manual and control software


Drilling holes with Compiler HPRR:


Laser Dimensions



Power Unit



Power Unit Dimensions