Passat Diode-Pumped Solid State Lasers



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Turn-key All Solid-State Compact Sub-Nanosecond Lasers


The Sub-Naples-10 DPSS laser is a high-peak-power, rugged, turnkey, sub-nanosecond unit with output at 1064 nm. The relatively short pulse width and high peak power make the Sub-Naples family particularly suitable for use in LIDAR, km-scale laser ranging, micromachining, mass spectrometry and other applications.

Sub-nanosecond Laser Wisconsin-1


  • 6 nanosecond pulse width
  • >1.4 µJ /pulse (Sub-Naples @1064nm)
  • 400 Hz standard
  • TEM00 mode
  • Air cooled


  • Micromachining (diamonds, glass, metals, ceramics)
  • distance measurements
  • remote sensing
  • bio-medical application
  • scientific research


Sub-Naples 1064 (532/355/266/213)

Repetition Rate 20 Hz or less
Wavelength 1064 nm
Energy Output (at 10 Hz) 10 mJ
Pulse-to-pulse stability (at 100 Hz) <1%
Pulse width (at 1064 nm) ~ 0.5 ns
Q-switch Passive
Divergence Diffraction Limited
Beam profile Gaussian
Beam Diameter at the laser exit ~ 2 mm
Output Beam pointing stability < 0.5 Diffraction Limit
External control Connector/pin for TTL trigger input or +4 +/-1V, into 1 kΩ
Electrical power ~ 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, single phase
Power consumption < 45 W
Warm Up time < 5 minutes
Operating temperature and humidity 20-27 C; 10-80 %
Compliance CDRH, CE

Delivery set

  • Integrated Laser Head with Power Unit
  • Power Cable
  • CD with Manual and Control Application
  • Test Record

Laser Output Beam Profile

Sub-nanosecond DPSS Laser beam


1 year for all parts and labor excluding the laser pump diode. The pump diode is warranted for the lesser of 1 year or 109 pulses.